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Clever & creative group of designers & developers who know that design is not just about how it looks but also about how it works.

Illusion Designer is a medium web site design company, working to help small, medium and high size businesses be successful on the web. With expertise in all aspects of online business, we will help you create a plan to make your web site a highly effective aspect of your business.

Illusion Designer established in mid of 2003 is one of emerging name in the field of web. Web Design, Development, SEO are our main key for success. We operate from Colombo, Sri Lanka, and strongly believe that the resources we have are best fit for small, medium or large scale projects. We seek inspiration from our daily life and utilize the power of creative freedom to generate ROI (return on investment) for our clients. Illusion Designer is also provide low cost web hosting, domain registration, website development and services. We have specialized sales and support department which will help you in resolving problems and guide you to a proper and good solution till your satisfaction.

about_image Illusion Designer has a team of experts for your website designing. We can design any type of website as per requirement of our customers. We have expertise in designing static website, dynamic website, entertainment website and ecommerce website. Our web development team helps you in designing you website as per your requirements. We have well experienced designing and development team which will help you in developing your website which will cover your entire business.

In short, we are providing our customers reliable web hosting and web designing services which will make their presence known on World Wide Web.


What We Do. Our List Of Services.

Illusion Designer is a team with a strong sense of marketing and design trends. Offers a wide range of services.

We're fast, professional, and dedicated to the highest standards of quality.

    A compelling, creative and innovative web design is the very first requirement for making any web site successful.


    Design & implementation of Your web pages via HTML/CSS, PHP/MYSQL, AJAX, JQUERY. We design, slice, code and publish Your ideas.

  • Ecommerce

    Interested in selling online? We can create an online shop with shopping cart so you can sell online, 24 hours each day, every day!


    Integrated social media solutions harnessing the power of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & Flikr.


    Our knowledge and experience has produced a proven track record of high rankings in search engines for client's web sites.



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Check out some of the great things we've been working on.

Here you can find a selection of our projects. If you are interested in hiring our expertise, please let us know. We would love to hear how we can help you.


Meet Our Awesome Team.

We create attractive and user friendly websites, a place where intelligence meets imagination.

The skilled and experienced web design team at Illusion Designer is committed to working with you to ensure the utmost in quality of your business web site.


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Business Development

Why Choose Us?

Selecting the right choice for your business is important. So, why choose us?.
  • Quality

    I'm sure you get the quality bit a lot. It is not just the quality of the web site, but the quality of the entire experience. Even the smallest projects are held at a quality service.
  • Experience

    Our team is some of the most experienced in the business and we believe it is manifested in our work. There isn't anything we can't do on the web.
  • Unique Services

    We offer services that few others do. Brand market testing and split testing to name a couple. If there is something that you need for your web site, we can do it.
  • Customer Support

    Like with all good lasting relationships we believe in getting to know all of our clients so we can offer the best level of client service.
  • Amazing Designs

    We think there is nothing more awesome than a design that makes you sit back and say WOW! With us you get a design that POPS!
  • Integrity

    At Illusion Designer we are going to tell you how it is and then we will stick to it. We keep upfront honesty as a standard.
  • Speed

    We have developed a system that substantially speeds up development time. Our turn around time, whether it be print design work or building your site, will amaze you!
  • Flexibility

    Unlike other web firms we are not set in our ways and we are happy to adapt to the needs of our clients. If you have a special way of doing things, we are on board!
  • We Love What We Do

    One of the most important reasons is that we love what we do. We put our whole selves into a project and make sure that it lives up to our personal high standards.


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